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42 Day Muscle Building Fat Loss Program + FLEX & Recovery

42 Day Muscle Building Fat Loss Program + FLEX & Recovery

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Frustrated because you are working out and sticking to your diet CONSISTENTLY but you aren't seeing progress? Here's your answer!




This program takes the methods from our CUSTOM fat loss programs (proven to help clients shed fat and build muscle tone to make progress photos they're proud of)...


and gives YOU the exact formula to make it happen yourself. 


Which means you'll get: 

- 42 days of workouts laid out on a calendar, designed to build muscle tone and lose fat

- Metabolic Repair Macronutrient Guide to calculate the macros you need for fat loss

- STG - The Self-Training Guide which outlines the EXACT methods we used to build the program

- Fit Kit FLEX bar system complete with bar, 2 sets of resistance bands, handles, and carrying bag

- Fit Kit FLEX Guide + Matrix of 64 additional exercises to use FLEX anywhere

- 30 Servings Non-GMO, gluten free Chocolate Protein to level up your muscular recovery


THAT means you'll have all the tools you need to keep it going long past the first 42 days we've already done for you!

Purchase it here, get INSTANT access to the 42 Day Muscle Building + Fat Loss program, and the protein will be automatically added to your cart and shipped to your door!

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